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The Best Hip-Hop/Rap Album of 2017 – David Banner’s “God Box”

Historically, the best Hip-Hop hipped you to what was going on in your community and the music (beats) made you hop, a universal sound that pulled people together from all around the world.  This alchemical music genre has resulted in the uplifting of the consciousness of millions of people and made a few people billions. Although Hip-Hop has done so much good, it became a PR nightmare for the United States. The “land of the free” – some may say – cant be seen systematically oppressing its people, right? So the media will spin it like we are oppressing ourselves by taking control of the music on an international level and destroying our image with it. Some real evil genius shit

Yes there are many wrongs in the worldwide hip-hop community, but there are also many aspects of positivity within the hip-hop community that the media or trade magazines rarely focus upon. Many of you in hip-hop culture don`t even listen to the rappers who are trying hard to wake your asses up to what is going on in the bigger scale than of what you see in your neighborhoods, their message goes in one ear and out the other. – Afrika Bambaataa

David Banner’s new album ” The God Box,” is an accurate depiction of the Black or African American experience. It’s not the made up one you see coming from the number one tweeted about show in 2015, black targeted FOX’s Empire  – the same network that also brings you the bluntly bigoted FOX News. This is directly from a credible voice of the people, David Banner himself.


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