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Professor Black Truth Weighs in on Kristine Leahy's Racist Slander

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Tyler Perry is Wrong About Race and Wealth in Hollywood

Attorney and Emmy Nominated Producer Antonio Moore reviews the recent Hollywood Reporter interview of Media Mogul Tyler Perry. In the piece Perry states “I don’t think it’s black and white, I think it’s green. It’s just about,Where’s the money?” In this video lays out theRead More »

Kristine Leahy Plays The Victim After LaVar Ball Comments

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Mainstream media are protecting the identity of LA Reid's accuser, but why?

Just a few days following L.A. Reid reportedly stepping down from his position as chairman of Epic Records, the often questionable New York Post  released a story that  mentioned the 60- year-old legendary music exec known for propelling the careers of artists like Meghan Trainor, Future, Fifth HarmonyRead More »

Listen to Lonzo Ball's Free Smoke Remix - @ZO2 & DC The Don

Future NBA star Lonzo Ball dropped a remix of Drake’s Free Smoke today. The song features rapper DC The Don and is pretty good comparing to most rap songs on the radio today. Although the music does show some promise, I think he should focus onRead More »

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