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The Best Hip-Hop/Rap Album of 2017 - David Banner's "God Box"

Historically, the best Hip-Hop hipped you to what was going on in your community and the music (beats) made you hop, a universal sound that pulled people together from all around the world.  This alchemical music genre has resulted in the uplifting of the consciousness ofRead More »

African Perception of Blacks in America is Based on Anti-Black Propaganda

In a recent interview on the Advise Show, Phillip S.  interviews young you-tuber Janice JNice. Janice is a first generation African-American with parents from Cameroon, she is the sister of a Yale graduate and is currently working on her PHD in organizational psychology. Janice givesRead More »

Mo'Nique Reveals to Yvette Carnell She Was Only Paid $50k for "Precious" Oscar Performance

Read More »

Professor Black Truth Weighs in on Kristine Leahy's Racist Slander

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Tyler Perry is Wrong About Race and Wealth in Hollywood

Attorney and Emmy Nominated Producer Antonio Moore reviews the recent Hollywood Reporter interview of Media Mogul Tyler Perry. In the piece Perry states “I don’t think it’s black and white, I think it’s green. It’s just about,Where’s the money?” In this video lays out theRead More »

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