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Video: J. Kelly "Legendary"

Check out J. Kelly’s new visual “Legendary.” His most recent album “Controlled Substance” is available now on iTunes.Read More »

Tariq Nasheed Talks About How Protests Are Infiltrated By Agents

Historian and Film Producer of the Hidden Colors Series Tariq Nasheed talks about how protesters have been infiltrated by agents. These agents are the people you see on the mainstream news destroying property and throwing things at police. Agents have one goal: to disrupt peacefulRead More »

Sa Roc speaks on Black Women in Hip Hop, Consciousness, and The Black Power Awards

In Hip-Hop we hear a lot from the masculine energy, its good to get the divine feminine perspective.Read More »

"Lil Wayne Is A Bird For This..." Why Are These Niggas Working For Rome?

Read More »

Gene Culver Breaks Down Sync Licensing for Film & TV – In this interview with sync licensing professional Gene Culver. We discuss the value of a hit song, how to get your music on film and TV, as well as strategies to manage your music catalog. Gene mentioned “sound space” but he meant Subscribe forRead More »

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