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Mainstream media are protecting the identity of LA Reid’s accuser, but why?

Just a few days following L.A. Reid reportedly stepping down from his position as chairman of Epic Records, the often questionable New York Post  released a story that  mentioned the 60- year-old legendary music exec known for propelling the careers of artists like Meghan Trainor, Future, Fifth Harmony and DJ Khaled — who is comfortably sitting at  No. 1 hit on Billboard’s Hot 100, with “I’m the One.” L.A. Reid, was accused of sexual harassment weeks before his sudden departure by some no name assistant.

In a letter the accuser sent to Sony Music’s General Counsel Julie Swidler in March, the unidentified woman claimed L.A. Reid made inappropriate physical advances toward her at a holiday party held for Epic Records late last year.

This mysterious woman, supposedly an assistant, also alleged that when her and L.A. Reid were on a business trip, he asked her to give him a hug while he was laying on the bed. This unidentified women also said that L.A. Reid suggested what she should wear, I didn’t know that was a wrong considering this is the entertainment industry, but ok i’ll bite.

The Pos reported that the Owner of Epic Records, Sony Music, is still silent on the accusations, denying the Post’s requests for a comment.  As well as L.A. Reid’s lawyer, Joel Katz, has also remained hush hush about this debacle.

“We are not allowing a culture like that in this company, no matter how much a person brings to the bottom line,” an insider at Epic revealed to the New York Post.

A lot of the mainstream media and fake black owned media – who often have similar narratives – are all telling the same story but not asking any questions. So, Hip-Hop Culture TV wants to know, who is this mysterious girl that is accusing L.A. Reid of sexual harassment?

Something stinks here.

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