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Tuff Chaat: You Proud of Being A Single Mother?

Nijah goes in on women promoting the single mother lifestyle and says “its nothing to gloat about”. Its no secret that there is a modern single mother culture in the US where single mothers are coming up off government benefits. On the other side of

Decoded: The Birth Of A Nation via Black News 102

After you’ve seen The Birth Of A Nation it is crucial that you watch the The Birth Of A Nation  Decoded video via Black News 102. Specifically at 27:40, when Red Pill begins to break down cognitive dissonance which is the mental stress or discomfort experienced by an

Mixtape: “Conscious Trap” by Enoch Da Prophet

I’ve been looking for some fire music with a conscious message to feature ever since I launched  this site a few weeks ago. Thanks to producer Koolie Lakool, a friend from high school who is now on his way to being a super producer, I have

Video: J. Kelly “Legendary”

Check out J. Kelly’s new visual “Legendary.” His most recent album “Controlled Substance” is available now on iTunes.

Tariq Nasheed Talks About How Protests Are Infiltrated By Agents

Historian and Film Producer of the Hidden Colors Series Tariq Nasheed talks about how protesters have been infiltrated by agents. These agents are the people you see on the mainstream news destroying property and throwing things at police. Agents have one goal: to disrupt peaceful

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