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Artists today are looking for unique fire beats to showcase their talent. Well, look no further. has a feature of new and eclectic beats ranging from Hip-Hop, R&B to new-age electronic sounds. You can check out the selection of beats by clicking on the

Gene Culver Breaks Down Sync Licensing for Film & TV – In this interview with sync licensing professional Gene Culver. We discuss the value of a hit song, how to get your music on film and TV, as well as strategies to manage your music catalog. Gene mentioned “sound space” but he meant Subscribe for

Bayer’s Blood Money to Buy Monsanto

German-based pharmaceutical company Bayer is offering a $66 billion all-cash acquisition of Monsanto Co. This would be the largest all-cash acquisition ever made with a lot at stake for both farmers and consumers. 2016 has been a big year for mergers, specifically in the competitive

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