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Kristine Leahy Plays The Victim After LaVar Ball Comments

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Unfit South Carolina Prosecutors Throws Case Against Race Solider Michael Slager

Slager murdered unarmed black man by shooting him in the back. Micahael Slager is a murdering cop coward and any media or state legislators making excuses for him are no different. The victim Scott was unarmed  running from Slager in fear of his life knowing the reputationRead More »

Kendrick Lamar Releases "DAMN." A Lyrical Wake Up Call

Kendrick Lamar is no stranger when it comes to capturing your attention. The hip-hop community and music lovers alike have been eagerly anticipating a new release from K Dot since To Pimp A Butterfly came out in 2015 and shook up the scene. With theRead More »

Red and Blue Pill: Hip-Hop perspectives on the 2016 Presidential Election

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Tariq Nasheed Talks About How Protests Are Infiltrated By Agents

Historian and Film Producer of the Hidden Colors Series Tariq Nasheed talks about how protesters have been infiltrated by agents. These agents are the people you see on the mainstream news destroying property and throwing things at police. Agents have one goal: to disrupt peacefulRead More »

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