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Dr. Boyce Watkins Takes A Deeper Look At Bow Wow's Lie About Being on A Private jet

Read More » | Hip-Hop, R&B, and New-Age Electronic Sounds

Artists today are looking for unique fire beats to showcase their talent. Well, look no further. has a feature of new and eclectic beats ranging from Hip-Hop, R&B to new-age electronic sounds. You can check out the selection of beats by clicking on theRead More »

Gene Culver Breaks Down Sync Licensing for Film & TV – In this interview with sync licensing professional Gene Culver. We discuss the value of a hit song, how to get your music on film and TV, as well as strategies to manage your music catalog. Gene mentioned “sound space” but he meant Subscribe forRead More »

Bayer’s Blood Money to Buy Monsanto

German-based pharmaceutical company Bayer is offering a $66 billion all-cash acquisition of Monsanto Co. This would be the largest all-cash acquisition ever made with a lot at stake for both farmers and consumers. 2016 has been a big year for mergers, specifically in the competitiveRead More »

A&R Purhnel Meek Speaks About His Experience in the Music Industry

A&R Purhnel Meek speaks about his experiences in the music industry and scratches the surface on how energies and spirituality play a big role on his path to success.Read More »

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