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African Perception of Blacks in America is Based on Anti-Black Propaganda

In a recent interview on the Advise Show, Phillip S.  interviews young you-tuber Janice JNice. Janice is a first generation African-American with parents from Cameroon, she is the sister of a Yale graduate and is currently working on her PHD in organizational psychology.

Janice gives us remarkable insight into an African family and their perception of Blacks in America.

“The amount of brain washing that has been done to us, Black people, Africans, runs so deep, I don’t even know where to begin to undue everything that has been done to us. ” – Janice JNice

This is the result of anti-black propaganda. If your in the US, you know the two shows leading in ratings with a majority black cast are FOX’s Empire and VH1’s Love and Hip-Hip.  Both shows perpetuate negative stereo types of black people in America and promote an image of Black wealth and society that is completely false.

What if I told you this anti-black propaganda was shown on a global scale? Here is the result…


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