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Qumontae “To Myself” Prod. SezOnTheBeat [Official Video]

Drum Squad Records artist Qumontae has released a thought-provoking video to the single “To Myself” from the Collective Project that was released early this year. The solemn visuals for the ballad, shot by CeeJay Films, reflect the pensive track’s dark ambiance with subtle lighting illuminated by a burning fire. The track boasts the pulsating drum patterns that are reflective of SezOnTheBeat Southern sound, accompanied by an entrancing melodic guitar loop that captures the listener and brings them into Qumontae’s story. Qumontae bares his burning desire for his love in this song as he circles the fire, a refreshing change to the typical trap sounds that typically bubble to the surface of the Atlanta music scene.

“Ooh, I want you to myself. You don’t need nobody else. When I’m with you, yeah, this feelings brand new. Yeah, I want to be with you…”

The song is an anthem to true love in the face of a world filled with material wantings and falsities. Not only is the content of the music relatable and understanding, but it is a new sound that everyone can enjoy. Watch the full music video for “To Myself” here on Hip Hop Culture TV.

Video Directed by Ceejayy Films

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