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“4 Play” L.I. tha Great (ft. LightSkinKeisha)

L.I. tha Great has reinvented the sound of “baby-making music” that traditional R&B lovers crave today. The 14th song featured on Drum Squad Record’s recent Collective Project creates an ocean wave of sound topped with ornamental high-hats, all over an 808 drum pattern that mimics a lover’s heartbeat. L.I. tha Great sets the tone opening up with smooth vocals that paint the visual for the song’s theme with his lyrical creativity and passionate storytelling. Atlanta native artist LightSkinKeisha enters the track with velvet vocals, gently pulling you into her “4 Play” dream. Both artists vocals playfully interact with each other throughout the song, creating a melodic movement that is felt from head to toe.

Listen to the full-track here on Hip Hop Culture TV.

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