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This Land – Gary Clark, Jr.

Gary Clark, Jr. has been praised for his soulful music that blends blues and rock. His music video release for his single “This Land” has many calling it a “Trump-era protest” but is well beyond that.

The video, which was directed by 25-year-old filmmaker Savanah Leaf, was filmed in Clark’s home in Texas. It is a visual representation of the black experience in the south. The powerful video contains visuals that show the battle of the social slave mentality that envelopes America. Towards the end of the video you see a gathering of young black children singing “this land is mine” along with Clark while watching a fire burning symbols of black oppression and hatred including chains and the confederate flag. While many claim this as a protest, it is actually a declaration of ownership for the black people of America. “This Land” is the title track on Gary Clark, Jr.’s third studio album set to release March 1st. Watch the video here.

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